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At Brooklyn Dental Center, Dr. Chinar Mahadkar and her staff offer ValplastĀ® and Flexy Partials to their patients who don't want to rely on conventional dentures. She encourages residents who live in the Brooklyn, New York, and the surrounding communities to visit her office to have all of their questions answered concerning this and other technological advancements.

Valplast / Flexy Partials Q & A

What is Valplast?

Valpast is a unique material used in the creation of partial dentures. The material is very soft and malleable making it extremely comfortable and easy to use. Valplast is manufactured from a thermoplastic nylon that's both durable and flexible. Because of its malleability, it's almost unbreakable and offers a lifetime warranty.

Valplast can be used to make both partial and full dentures that are comfortable to wear and won't cause irritation or lesions. Because the material is extremely flexible and easily molds to the gums, many patients are choosing this type of denture over the traditional hard plastic versions that are more likely to crack or break over time.

What is a flexible partial?

A partial denture is a small section of denture that contains two to six or more teeth. Dr. Mahadkar recommends them when groups of teeth are lost at one time, and they're used to hold the surrounding teeth in place. A flexible partial is one that's made from a plastic or very flexible material such as Valplast, which is ideal for flexible partials because it's virtually unbreakable.

One of the biggest problems with partial dentures is that they often crack or break easier than a full denture. Partials that are made of Valplast last much longer and produce less irritation that traditional partials made of hard plastic and wire. Dr. Mahadkar has experience working with the Valplast material and can create partials for her patients that make their smile look more natural, compared to what other partial dentures can achieve.

What are the benefits of flexible partials?

Flexible partials are known for the benefits they offer. They aren't rigid and won't break or crack when the mouth or jaw is subjected to immense stress. Because they're made of a soft, nylon material, they're less likely to irritate the gum tissues and won't create lesions if worn for extended periods of time.

Unlike traditional dentures, flexible partials made of Valplast have a lifetime warranty that protects against any damage or breakage. The partial itself is lightweight and very durable making it easy to clean and less likely to experience abnormal wear and tear. Patients who are interested in a flexible partial can call Dr. Mahadkar's office to schedule a consultation.

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