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Dr. Chinar Mahadkar and the staff of Brooklyn Dental Center offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services to patients living in the Brooklyn, New York area. She encourages residents to explore their options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, and the Brooklyn Dental Center staff is proud to be part of that journey. This facility offers several services that are designed to restore and improve a patient's smile, boosting their self-confidence and improving their quality of life.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the term given to dental procedures and techniques that are used to improve a person's appearance. Cosmetic procedures focus primarily on the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth. That involves the color, size, shape, and alignment of the teeth and the appearance of a person's smile.

In most cases, cosmetic procedures don't improve or repair problems associated with how the mouth or its parts function. They're often used to improve the look of a patient's teeth and smile after going through a corrective procedure. Standard procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry include veneers, teeth whitening, reshaping, re-alignment, and the use of crowns or caps.

Dr. Mahadkar has many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and uses her knowledge and expertise to help her patients achieve a more natural appearance.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry offers several benefits including a brighter smile, healthier looking gums, improved smile, and overall enhanced facial structure. Cosmetic dentistry offers many procedures that help to improve the appearance of the entire face by making it look more balanced and natural. Many cosmetic procedures and techniques are non-invasive and produce very few side effects.

While many cosmetic procedures require some degree of numbness or partial sedation, few require full sedation and patients can return to their normal activities shortly after leaving the dentist's office.

Whether a patient is looking for a brighter smile, the re-alignment of the teeth, having a cracked or broken tooth repaired, Brooklyn Dental Center offers many solutions to address these needs. Patients who visit Dr. Mahadkar can learn the benefits of cosmetic dentistry first hand by discussing their options during a consultation.

Can cosmetic procedures be considered restorative?

Most cosmetic procedures are aesthetic in nature. That means their primary function is to make the teeth, gums, smile, and facial structure more visually appealing. There are instances, however, when cosmetic procedures can be used to restore proper form and function to the mouth. If an abnormality has been repaired, Dr. Mahadkar may use a cosmetic procedure to help make the area look more natural (like it didn't even need a cosmetic procedure).

Dr. Mahadkar can also repair broken or cracked teeth with cosmetic procedures, allowing the patient to chew more efficiently and improve digestion. The use of flexible dentures can also help to improve the look of a person's smile, especially if they have one or more teeth missing. Crowns and caps can also restore the surface area of the back teeth helping to maintain proper alignment of the jaws.

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