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Dr. Andrew Sarowitz and the staff of The Brooklyn Dental Center offer advanced laser dentistry as part of their comprehensive dental services. We encourage patients living throughout the New York City and Brooklyn areas of New York to visit our office if they have any questions about advanced laser dentistry and how it can benefit them. Our use of state of the art technology allows her to correct abnormalities and restore a more beautiful looking smile.

Advanced Laser Dentistry Q & A

What are the benefits of advanced laser dentistry?

Advanced laser dentistry uses state-of-the-art technology to perform many dental procedures that formerly required more invasive techniques. Dr. Sarowitz uses lasers to penetrate deep into the tissues without causing damage and he doesn’t need to make an incision to do so. He can use them to whiten and brighten teeth, removing discolorations that go deep into the pulp portion of the tooth.

Lasers don't damage the surface enamel of the teeth and won't cause it to wear away. Tissues heal much faster, and gums don't bleed as much. When lasers are used to treat cavities, no drills are required. That results in less pain and discomfort.
Dr. Sarowitz takes the time to go over both the benefits and the risks of each procedure during the patient's initial consultation.

How do lasers work?

Lasers use light or energy waves to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body. They're capable of moving through tissue and the harder, bone-like tissues of the teeth. The light waves use pulses of energy to break up stains and promote the growth of healthier tissues. Dr. Sarowitz uses advanced laser technology to perform many procedures that were formerly only performed using more conventional methods.

With the use of laser technology, Dr. Sarowitz can perform the most delicate cosmetic dental procedures with maximum precision and minimum damage to the surrounding tissues. Laser treatments take much less time and have a shorter healing time than conventional procedures that are more invasive.

What dental techniques use laser technology?

Several dental procedures can be performed using laser technology. Dr. Sarowitz can easily whiten teeth with a peroxide solution, and then use lasers to break up stains and discolorations. He can also use them to repair damage to the soft tissues of the mouth, or excise tissues for biopsies and remove bacteria at the site of a root canal or other lesions.
When gums have been damaged, Dr. Sarowitz can use lasers to reshape the gum line without disturbing large amounts of tissue. Lasers are also able to remove areas of decay so that Dr. Sarowitz can put a filling in place, sealing the cavity and reducing the risk of future damage.

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